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Writer’s Block: How To Overcome It

Do not think you have to complete a whole project in a day. Being a writer or composer of music is something that takes time.

We have all faced this situation. We need to write something but we keep putting it off. Maybe you are a student in college trying to prepare an essay. Perhaps you are a business executive trying to prepare a report. In this article I will provide you with some tips I have learned to overcome writer’s block.

Tip #1: Just start writing.

The way this strategy works is simple. Do not wait for the perfect sentence or idea to come to you. Just start typing and see what comes out. You can always edit the results later. The very act of typing is solidifying a good habit. Getting into the habit of writing every day is a skill that writers should try to cultivate. Remember, you can always go back and edit your work later into something that is coherent.

Tip #2: Start slow.

You do not need to write a novel in a day. If you write one page a day, you could complete a 365 page novel in one year. Taking one year to complete a good book seems reasonable. All it would take is that one page a day commitment. Being a writer or composer of music is something that takes time so write one page a day and eventually you’ll have something great.

Tip #3: Your perspective is valuable.

You may think that your ideas are mediocre and can’t compare to others writers in your field. Remember that things like art and music are very subjective. What you might think is a mediocre thought is actually inspiring to someone else. You never know what people will enjoy so keep creating the kind of content that you want to produce and someone somewhere will like it. You are unique and your perspective is valuable.

Tip #4: Editing is key.

Your first draft of an essay or novel will generally not be as great as it could but this is where the fun comes in. Once you’ve completed your piece of writing you can sit down and spend a good amount of time editing your work so it becomes perfect. It’s better to write quickly so you can maintain a stream of consciousness and prevent writers block. You can always go back later and fix what you did.

Tip #5 Take a walk

Sometimes we have just generally been sitting in our offices too long and have lost inspiration so we need to get outside. Go for a walk and enjoy some nature. These are things which may spur your creativity and trigger you write more. You don’t have to release everything you write, but writing something is better practice than nothing. So get practicing!


Let’s sum up these 5 times to reduce your writer’s block.

  1. Just start writing even if maybe you don’t feel like it (like going to the gym).
  2. Don’t try to write a book in a day. Start slow.
  3. Your unique perspective is valuable. Don’t forget that.
  4. Taking time to edit what you’ve written can make your work more professional and credible.
  5. Get out for a walk to rejuvenate yourself. You may come back feeling inspired.

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope these ideas are helpful you.

©2020 Richard Gillespie