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How to Survive in Fortnite

You just need to keep following this strategy of staying towards the outer edge of the storm and constantly staying on the defensive. Fools rush in.

So you have decided to take up playing Fornite. Or maybe you are thinking about starting to play. Fornite is an addictive, heart pounding game that you have most likely heard of, unless you’ve been living under a rock. In this article I will explain some tips and strategies that you can use to survive in Fornite. I’ll also give you my strategies for winning as well, but that will be up to you. It is not easy.


For me, survival is the name of the game in Fortnite. I take an ultra defensive approach to playing the game. Usually I’ll make it into the top 10 of each match that I play because of this approach. A lot of people seem to die very quickly in Fortnite and I do not believe this is necessary. Here is what I would do if I were you and trying to survive in this game.

Initial Tactics

When you jump out of the bus at the beginning of the match, try to stay close to the outer edge of the map, near the incoming storm. There will be less enemies here in general and it is a safer place to drop into the map. If you see other players falling with you from the bus, do not land with them. If you notice other people skydiving in with you, get away from them. It’s too risky to encounter an enemy with no weapons or ammunition so just try to stay away.

Essentially, staying away from people as much as possible is my strategy for the beginning of the match. Let the other players eliminate each other. Stay near the outer edge of the map and collect as many weapons and as much ammunition as you can. Try to avoid weapons which can only hold limited ammunition, like certain slow acting shotguns which only hold small amounts. Collect pistols, sub machine guns, and the charge shotgun if you can. Make sure you have some medical health packs as well in case you take damage. Look for a boat or helicopter as well for extra protection and mobility at this point.

Middle of the Match

Once you have stayed to the outer edge of the map for a while collecting weapons and ammunition, the storm will begin to move in and you will be forced to move closer to the middle of the map. At this point you should use the storm to your advantage. No player is going to want to stay in the storm and get killed by it. So you can take comfort in knowing no one is in the storm. Stay close to the outer edge of the storm as it moves in and find ways to move in with it while remaining concealed.

Once the storm has started moving in several times, already 50+ players will likely have been eliminated from the match by this time. Once the storm has moved in more, you will get down to 25 players left, 10 players, etc. You just need to keep following this strategy of staying towards the outer edge of the storm and constantly staying on the defensive. Fools rush in.


You should have been collecting as much ammunition along the way as possible. You may have encountered a few enemies at this point and you may have ammunition from them as well. Try to get as much ammunition as you can for the final showdown. Here is where things can get tough. Since I am a new player I tend to find building things somewhat difficult at this point. I am slowly learning to build structures quickly because this is obviously one of the best ways to win, but I am currently not fast at it. So here is my advice to you as a newer player; do not try to build structures.

This may sound unorthodox, but I have had some luck winning with it. Here is what you do. Have so much ammo on hand that you can destroy an enemy structure with your fire power. Once the match gets down to you and the final player, they will most likely be building a structure to try to snipe down on you. Try overwhelming the structure with ammunition in order to destroy it and force them to fight you one on one without a structure. This can often be your best chance to win.


This is just my personal strategy for playing Fornite at this moment in time. It may change. I will update you in the future if I start adopting different strategies. So far this one wins once in a while. I am still new to the game though. Let me know in the comments about your strategies for Fortnite. I’d love to hear them.

Thank you for reading this blog and have a good day.

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