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Best Time To Stream On Twitch

The time at which you start your stream is ultimately up to you, but I would like you to remember a few guidelines. Stick to a schedule, stream earlier rather than later, and limit the amount of days per week you stream.

As a newer broadcaster on Twitch, I keep asking myself the question “what is the best time to stream on Twitch?”

In this article I hope to provide some answers for you based on what I have experienced and thought about lately.

Best Time to Stream on Twitch

First, I’d like to stress the importance of having a stream schedule on Twitch. If you look at most major streamers, they all have certain set times in which viewers can look forward to their broadcasts starting. When I first started streaming video games, I just went live whenever I wanted, and as often as I wanted. I was trying to build up followers on my stream. I’d heard of the idea of setting a stream schedule but never realized how important it actually is. I’ll discuss later why having a streaming schedule is so important. Just remember, before you start considering the best times to stream on Twitch, make sure you focus on having it be a consistent streaming schedule.

How often should you stream?

Personally, I would recommend not streaming every single day. I did this for a while and I did start to burn out. Try to have at least two days a week when you do not stream. This can give your mind a refresh and you will come back to the stream after feeling more energized. Think about your favorite television shows, they generally do not have new episodes which air every single day. Television programs sometimes have 5 new episodes per week, but generally a show will not have a new episode for every single day of the week. You do not have to stream every day. Again, look at what the pros do, they take breaks.

Try to be like a TV show

Although many of us no longer watch television in a traditional way, there are still lessons that can be learned from the television era. Television broadcasts usually always have set times in which they start. This allows for individuals to tune into their favorite show at their leisure and the viewer can know when the broadcast is set to start. Viewers can then plan their day around watching the broadcast. If you are a streamer who goes live randomly and at different times each day, it becomes difficult for viewers and fans to calculate when you might be going live. Again, try to stick to a consistent schedule when you stream on Twitch.

Best times to go live

This can depend on where you live. Let’s say you live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This would be in the Eastern Standard Time zone. From personal experience, I’ve been noticing that 3-4 PM EST is a good time to start your broadcast if you live in this time zone. If you have viewers in the UK, it would be around 8PM in their time zone at this time. This is still early enough for UK viewers to tune in to your broadcast while simultaneously reaching your North American audience.

Here is my new streaming schedule on Twitch so you can get an example of the stream schedule that I am currently using. I have decided I will now go live on Twitch on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, at 3PM Eastern Standard Time.

Previously, I was going live on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 4PM-6PM and then again at 8PM-10PM EST. What I noticed with this schedule is that I was potentially streaming too often and too late at night. Having two different streams in a day started to feel like I was doing a bit too much and I was beginning to feel tired by 9:30 PM. Also, I noticed viewers dropping off around 9-10PM, so this was not good for channel growth. Additionally, 8PM EST is 2AM in the UK, so this is not a good time for me to be streaming for my UK viewers. I believe that my new stream schedule will be better for most viewers who regularly tune in. Always consider your audience.


The time at which you start your stream is ultimately up to you, but I would like you to remember a few guidelines. Stick to a schedule, stream earlier rather than later, and limit the amount of days per week you stream. While it can be tempting to stream every single day, I would recommend taking some time away from your stream each week, while sticking to a consistent schedule of earlier rather than later start times. Starting earlier in the day will leave you with more energy as well. Save your evenings for relaxation and rest. It can be hard to sleep immediately after an intense round of video gaming as well.

Even with the set streaming schedule you can still go live randomly from time to time and surprise your followers. Just remember that breaks are important. Broadcasting can take a lot of energy from you. Don’t forget to take breaks in order to maintain longevity as a streamer and avoid burnout.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and I hope these tips can help you decide the best time to stream on twitch. Have a great day.

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