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Side Business Ideas: 5 Side Hustles

In this article I will write about 5 side business ideas that you can use to start creating a side hustle for yourself. We could generally all use some extra income in our bank accounts. With the cost of food and rents rising, it helps to have some extra money coming in. Here are the 5 side business ideas you can look into.

Side Business Ideas

The first side business idea for you is YouTube. Many people earn extra income by producing YouTube videos. People all around the world watch YouTube a lot and there are channels for almost everything. What is it that you are passionate about? Maybe you love playing video games. Why not start a gaming YouTube channel? Record yourself playing video games and put clips on YouTube of it. I’ve heard of people making thousands of dollars a month doing this. It will take time and effort to build your channel. Here is a link to my YouTube channel where I post my music and video game clips. Please subscribe to me on YouTube to support my channel!


The website you are reading now is a form of a side business. You can start a blog and add to it in your spare time. In addition to your current job, blogging can become a side income for you. You will need to write blog often and produce quality content frequently in order to build up your website. You can then run ads alongside your content and you then have the potential to make money. This is exactly how news websites operate. I have an article on my website about how to get started with blogging. You can read the article here.


Do you love to snap photos on your phone all day? Why not take your passion to the next level and launch a side business as a photographer? You will need to have some money to acquire decent camera equipment. Even though you know you can take amazing photos with just your phone, others may not see you as professional if you show up to shoot their wedding with an iPhone. Spend some cash upfront to acquire some decent photography equipment and then try marketing your services online. This is not an easy side hustle to do currently in the age of COVID-19, but you could always get into solo nature photography in the meantime. I’m not saying photography is an easy side-hustle to make money from, but it is a legitimate business you can launch in your spare time.

Social media personality

Do you have lots of followers on social media? Are you addicted to posting on TikTok and Instagram all day? Why not try to turn your following into a side business? Brands are willing to pay people with large followings to promote products or services. Why not try building up your followers so you can become a social media personality? I know these people are often looked down upon by society. As long as you don’t care what haters might say about you online, this can potentially be a good way to earn money. Remember, haters are just probably jealous of you.

Writer or Novelist

Do you love reading the latest science fiction novels? Perhaps you are obsessed with self-help books and have read dozens of them. Why not parlay your passion for words into a book? My goal is to eventually transform this blog into a book and publish it. I would also like to write a fictional novel one day as well. Life is short. You do not want to look back at life when you are close to death and wish you had published a book. Better get on it now while you are still living. It can also be a great side income. Maybe you can even transform your writing into a full-time career one day.


These are just 5 quick side businesses that almost anyone can start without requiring millions of dollars of capital to get going. Just writing this article is inspiring me to work on these areas as potential side businesses for myself. I think I will focus on writing a book. That is something that I would be proud of. Think about what you would like to leave behind, and get busy creating your masterpiece!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Have a great day.

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