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Twitch Affiliate: How To Become One

Are you a new streamer on Twitch or someone who is thinking about starting a Twitch channel? Are you looking for tips and advice on how to reach “affiliate” status on Twitch? I will do my best in this blog to offer the best tips I can on how you can reach Twitch Affiliate status. You can check out my Twitch channel here. I just recently became a Twitch Affiliate so I thought I would write this knowledge down while it is still fresh on my mind. I hope these tips can help you.

Twitch Affiliate

Let’s get into some tips and advice for reaching Twitch Affiliate status. First of all, what is the Twitch Affiliate program? Basically, this is how you begin to earn revenue from your Twitch channel. When you first start out on Twitch it is not possible to earn money directly from Twitch itself, outside of donations that people might send you through PayPal, for example. The Twitch affiliate program allows you to begin to have people subscribe to your channel. People can also cheer you on by sending you “bits”, a form of digital donation, during your streams. These are ways you earn monthly income from your Twitch channel. Let’s discuss how someone becomes a Twitch affiliate.

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate

So you have decided to take your Twitch streaming to the next level and go for affiliate status on Twitch. Sometimes this is referred to as “being on the affiliate grind”. Reaching Twitch affiliate may come easily to you or may require some consistent effort to obtain. I’ve seen some people who obtain the status of Twitch affiliate very quickly, while there are others like me who took months of solid grinding to reach the status. I will give you some tips and advice on how to potentially reach affiliate faster and hopefully start to earn some income sooner. This is imperative if you have bills, a family to support, student loans, or more.

Tips and Advice

First you should get clearly into your head that this is your goal. It can be hard to obtain a goal unless you clearly set that goal in your mind or write it down. There are 4 requirements that you must meet in order to become a Twitch affiliate. We will go over those requirements now and how to obtain them. This information is current as of October of 2020. Twitch affiliate requirements may change over time.

Requirements for Affiliate

Here are the four current requirements for reaching Twitch affiliate status. If these requirements change in the future, modify your tactics to adapt to the new paradigm. This is directly from the Twitch website which I will link to here.

(1) At least 500 total minutes broadcast in the last 30 days:

This is fairly straightforward. You just need to make sure you broadcast at least 8.4 hours in the last 30 days. This is totally in your control. Unless you have a crazily hectic and busy life. In that case you might need to rethink becoming a Twitch Affiliate streamer. The process does take some time. Think about how much you like to play video games and make sure this is a worthwhile activity for you before investing too much time into this.

(2) At least 7 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days:

Again this is a fairly straight forward requirement. If you can only manage one marathon streaming day a month but are unable to stream on other days then you cannot reach affiliate at this time. You need to make sure you are broadcasting at least 7 times in the last 30 days so try to focus on running at least 2 streams a week to stay consistent. Consistency is key. Make sure you are running frequent broadcasts to clear this particular part of the affiliate process.

The more challenging requirements

(3) At least 50 Followers:

This is again a very straightforward requirement. This one may or may not be difficult for you. Some people already have large followings on other social media platforms. They can simply promote themselves on these platforms and potentially reach 50 followers very quickly. Personally, I do not have large followings on other social media platforms so I actually had to stream longer and use Twitch as a platform itself to gain new followers.

Larger Twitch streamers on YouTube like Harris Heller and others have mentioned the importance of creating content on other social media platforms in order to gain followers. I agree that this is very important. You should be posting videos to TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter as well to attract attention to your channel.

(4) An average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days

This is the requirement that I have seen cause people the most difficulty in trying to obtain. The reason is that it often seems to be somewhat simple for people to obtain followers, and it is not terribly difficult to meet the time based streaming requirements in terms of the duration of how long you stream. The real challenge seems to be in maintaining an average viewer count of above 3. Let me provide you a simple solution to this problem. Stream on Twitch less! Let’s break down in the next section of this article why this can be an effective strategy to reach affiliate.

Less is more

Maintaining 3 average viewers over all of your broadcasts in the past 30 days can be difficult if you are streaming for many hours each day. When you are streaming for up to 8 hours a day as a new streamer, sometimes only 1 or 2 people will be tuning in. This is actually damaging for your chances of reaching affiliate quickly. If you stream for 80 hours a month, you will have to have an average of 3 viewers tuning in for all 80 of those hours in that month. This can be difficult for newer streamers. The solution is to stream less, build up hype for your broadcasts, and set a schedule. Let’s talk about these points a bit more in depth before we close out this article.

Schedule and Promote

Here’s my advice to you. Stream for a while without thinking about average viewers too much. However, keep an eye on the times when people are tuning in the most. Next, set up a strict schedule of broadcasts which sync up to the times when your followers are tuning in most often. Eventually your followers will begin to know that those are the times at which you stream and they will tend to tune in more frequently around those times. Promote your broadcast on other platforms as well such as Twitter. Finally, if you are having trouble reaching the average viewers needed for affiliate, call up a friend or family member and tell them to please tune in. Explain to them the situation and tell them that you’d really appreciate their help. They may actually end up enjoying your broadcast.


Reaching the Twitch Affiliate status is not something that came easily to me but I hope these tips can help you out. Try not to see it as too much of a grind. Have fun with it. Hopefully some of these tips can help you reach Twitch Affiliate soon. All the best, good luck, and if you read this article and want to say hello to me on Twitch, I currently stream Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Here’s the link to my Twitch channel once more.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this blog. Have a great day!

© 2020 Richard Gillespie


What Should I Do With My Life?

Sometimes, we might ask ourselves this question, what should I do with my life? What is the best use of my time here on this planet? How should I be spending my time each day? In this post I will try to answer some of these questions and see if any clarity can be gained by a careful examination of this issue.

What should I do with my life?

Many people have known for a long time what they wanted to spend their lives doing, but others are still on that journey. In today’s gig economy, and especially in the current COVID-19 era, many individuals are having to re-think what they do for work and how they live their lives. Musicians, for example, who may have made a living by touring and playing live shows, may now be thinking about how they will make an income in a physically distanced society. So this question can arise for anyone and at any age, what should I do with the time I have left in my life?

Leave something behind

One way you can live your life is by trying to leave your mark on society. Artists, writers, actors, musicians, and other influential people often leave legacies behind them when they are no longer alive. How do you want to be remembered? Go out and start living the life you want to live now, creating the things you want to create. We will only be remembered by the things that we leave behind. The photographs we take, the music we make, and the literature that we write. Take time to create works of art. Whether it is paintings, photographs, literature, or music. These are the things that individuals may study 500 years from now. We study literature today from thousands of years ago, so why wouldn’t our literature be of interest to future generations?

Help other people

When you have passed away and people look back on your life. How do you want to be remembered? Do you want to be known as someone who was selfish and never helped anyone out? Do you want to be known as someone who was very rich but never took time to donate any of your money? Or do you want to be remembered as someone who was kind, caring, and compassionate? The choices you make today influence the legacy that you leave behind in life. Below is a YouTube video where Oprah Winfrey talks about what Maya Angelou told her regarding leaving a legacy. Listen to what she says. It’s good advice.

What is your passion?

What do you really love to do in life? When you’re asking the question “what should I do with my life?”; chances are you just have not found your passions yet. People often talk about finding your “passion” as if you can only have one passion. Imagine if you were passionate about writing, but all you did all day was write and never took time to gain any kind of inspiration from other things in life? I believe you can have multiple things in life that you are equally passionate about, and you should. You might love playing music, but also love raising your family. That’s perfectly normal. You should not neglect your family for your career. Life is about finding a balance.

You may think that a certain activity has to be your passion and that can often cause you to neglect to pursue other activities. Focus on what you love to do the best. If you “love” music but haven’t picked up your guitar in months maybe you don’t love it as much as you think you do. What do you spend your time doing or thinking about constantly? What could you do for the rest of your life and be happy doing? Think about how your choice will effect your legacy.

You have options

I still ask myself this same question every day. What should I do with my life? Sometimes we just are not satisfied with what we are doing on a day to day basis. We can work to change that. We may be working a job we dislike, but often we see other people doing jobs that seem fun. I used to work in an office building doing work that paid the bills but I was not passionate about. Every day before work I would walk into a building that had a radio station on the main floor. Being a musician, I used to think, wouldn’t it be fun to get into radio? I said to myself “why can’t I do that?”. Well, I don’t work for a radio station yet, but I did start my own radio broadcast on the Mixcloud platform. You can check out my radio show here.

The possibilities to pursue your dreams are out there. Especially in today’s modern technological society. The internet has opened up a wide range of opportunities for individuals to be creative on a global scale. Take advantage of the internet as much as you can.

Summing up

When asking the question, “What should I do with my life?”, You need to consider what we have discussed. What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? Do you want to be someone who reaches a lot of people with art, music, or writing? Or do you simply want to work, get paid, and feed your family. Both are valid choices. It’s not easy to make a living as an artist.

Think about what you would love to do, try to find a way to do it, but at the same time try to leave something behind that others can remember you by. You only live once. Try to leave your mark on this world. Give something back. Try to help others. This way you’ll feel satisfied with how you live your life, and your legacy will be a good one as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog today. Have a great day.

©2020 Richard Gillespie