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Cleaning Your Home: The Joy of House Care

Today’s blog post is about cleaning your home. It was written by my mother, Elizabeth Gillespie. I hope you enjoy this guest blog post today regarding the joy of a clean home. Thank you for reading.

Cleaning your home

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young had a great hit song back in the 1970’s entitled “Our House “. I wish there were more songs in praise of “home”.

Early Memories

One of my early memories about feeling proud of my living quarters was while spending a month at a summer camp when I was eleven years old. Every morning my tent mates and I rolled up and tied the sides and front flaps of our old canvas tent, letting in light and fresh air. Then we tidied up our cots, tucked clothes, boots, etc. in their proper places, organized orange crates neatly and swept the floor boards clean. The final touch was a small bouquet of wild flowers in an enamel cup placed near the tent entrance.

During the morning while we participated in swimming, canoeing lessons, and other camp activities, the camp nurse, with clipboard in hand, made her inspection rounds. After lunch with all the campers
present the nurse would announce her tent group ratings. The group with the top score got to keep a big, beautiful, handmade stuffy owl for the day. The competition was fun and the tents were ridiculously
tidy and attractive.

Helpful tips

Over the years I have picked up helpful tips about keeping my home up to an acceptable standard, from my perspective. The tip contributors include my sister, my sister-in-law, a nursing school instructor, and oh yes, my mother too.

1. As the kitchen goes so goes the house or apartment. Always start with the kitchen.

2: Undesirable microbes prefer dark, damp places. Let daylight in where ever possible and ring out kitchen cloths and sponges. Drape them in ways to let them dry out.

3: Keep gravity in mind. Pay attention to floors.

4: With a two story set up have baskets at the top and bottom of the stairs. During the day when you pick up toys, clothes, and other items; put them in the closest basket. Then when going up or downstairs take a basket along with you. This will reduce trips!

5: Give your home a gift now and then, a coat of paint, new curtains, maybe a chair or whatever you like and can afford.

6: This is the fun one. Plan a party or get together with friends. Then prep your home for the occasion. Make attractive changes, big or small. For example, change pictures on the wall, tidy bookshelves, have a few games handy. Let the house reflect your unique style.

Final piece of advice

Finally, a saying I am quite fond of is “when in doubt, go out”, preferably on a pleasant day. Then return with new insight to your safe, charming abode, your very own creation.

©2020 Elizabeth Gillespie

Thank you for taking the time to read this article today. Today’s blog post was provided by my mother, Elizabeth Gillespie. I appreciate her taking the time to contribute to this blog. Thanks, mum.