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Giving Your Creativity a Time Limit

In this blog post I would like to tell you about an interesting idea regarding music composition that was once told to me by a college professor I used to study with. This idea can also apply to writing and other creative pursuits as well. The idea is about giving yourself a time limit when you create a new composition. For example, you might tell yourself that you have to write a song in one hour. By giving yourself a time limit, you force yourself to create in a more focused way.

Do not strive for perfection

Artists, writers, musicians, and other creative individuals can often become perfectionists at times. We want to be creative and produce new works but there is often that critic inside of us who wants things to be completely perfect. The act of creating no longer becomes a source of joy because we become too concerned with being “perfect” in what we create. Faced with trying to produce an amazing work of art we may feel that the task is too much and just put it off for another day. This can make an individual fail to create anything at all.

Practice your craft daily

Composing music or writing should be practiced daily, just like practicing an instrument or exercising. If we do not practice composing new material, we can not improve as composers. The first compositions we write will most likely not be that great. We need to keep practicing the craft of composition in order to create new and interesting works. The advantage of having a time limit on composition is that it forces you to create something new today. By creating something new each day you are gaining practice in composition.

Time Management

We live in a busy world. We have work, family, sleep, shopping, and many other things we need to take care of on a daily basis. It becomes difficult to accomplish new artistic productions if we are not disciplined in setting aside specific amounts of time in order to accomplish a task within those time periods. This works in academic settings when instructors require students to turn in essays at specific dates. It can be stressful on students sometimes to meet deadlines, but these due dates do create time pressure which pushes students to finish works in a timely manner. Without time pressure of some kind we may not finish projects that we start at all.


There is a tangible benefit to setting aside specific amounts of time and making sure you accomplish specific creative tasks within those time periods. Similar to a student taking a timed test, it gets your adrenaline going slightly as you create. The approach forces you do get right down to business and create something. It reduces procrastination and eliminates writers blog since you have a quick window within which you have to create something. Give this method a try for yourself sometime and see if it works for you. I’d love to hear about your results in the comment section.

Thank you for reading my blog today and have a great day.

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