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How To Stop Procrastinating

In this blog post we will discuss ideas regarding how to stop procrastinating. Procrastination is a huge problem that prevents many of us from maximizing productivity and getting work done. Whether you are a student or creative professional, it can often be hard to stop procrastinating and get down to work. In this blog post I will discuss various techniques and mindsets to help you break out of this unproductive habit of procrastination.

How To Stop Procrastinating

If you are engaged in any kind of creative activity, you will understand how easy it is to get into a cycle of procrastination. We know in our mind we need to do something, but we neglect to actually get down to work. Instead of getting busy with what we need to do, often we will look for distractions to pass the time. This is a way of delaying the inevitable work that we have to do. Unfortunately, if you are a freelance writer or content creator, this procrastination can really lead to a lack of productivity quickly. Let’s discuss why you should limit the amount of time you spend procrastinating and start focusing on productive activities instead.

Procrastination Limits Success

If you spend the majority of your time procrastinating you will limit your ability to succeed in life. When I was studying in University, I spent quite a bit of time procrastinating. I knew I had assignments that needed to be done, but I would often put them off until the last minute. You may be able to get away with this kind of activity in an academic setting, but it will rarely serve you well in the real world. If you are a freelance writer who spends most of their day procrastinating and only a small portion of the day writing, it will likely be quite hard to succeed. So how do you motivate yourself to stop procrastinating and instead focus on your creative activities? You need to realize that there is no reward for procrastination.

No Reward For Procrastination

Whenever you are sitting there, scrolling through social media instead of being creative, remember; there is no reward for procrastination. If you sit around procrastinating all day, I can pretty much guarantee that you will not be successful. As I mentioned in my last article, hard work is the key to success. You need to work very hard in order to achieve greatness in today’s competitive environment. If you are spending most of your day procrastinating, how can you rise to the challenges of our modern age? You will not be rewarded for idly browsing social media or news websites. Those news websites and social media sites will actually make money off of you spending time on their sites. Start spending time creating your own content instead.

No Pain = No Gain

It can often feel easier and more enjoyable to consume content rather than be the one producing it. Often we fall into the trap of simply consuming media but not producing it ourselves. This is a negative trap that will hurt us financially if we are not careful. Perhaps many people simply have no desire to be writers or content creators of any kind. If you are one of those people then this article may not apply to you. However, if you are someone that wants to create content for a living, beware of the trap of consuming too much of other people’s content. If you consume too much content from other writers and creators it will limit the time and energy you have to create your own productions. I have written about this concept before in the past and you can read that article here.

The Key To Stop Procrastination

The main sources of distraction when you are trying to get things done tend to be various types of outside media sources. Social media companies, online video websites, advertisers and others are spending millions of dollars annually in hopes that you spend more time on the internet consuming content. When you have something to do in life and you feel like distracting yourself, it is far too easy to scroll to a myriad of websites and lose hours of time in the process. That is precious time wasted that you could have spent working on your artistic craft. While you should spend some time researching various topics online if you are a writer, it can become a problem if too much time is spent.


You have to realize that no real reward will arise from spending hours scrolling through various social media websites. You need to focus on your priorities. There are most likely various goals and activities that you personally want to achieve in life. You don’t have time to keep up with the activities of every actor or celebrity. You need to focus on yourself, first and foremost. Spend at least as much time creating your own content as you do consuming the content of others. If you are spending most of the day consuming the content of other people then you are generally not going to be the best content creator you can be.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and have a great day.

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How To DJ: A Beginner’s Guide

So you have decided you would like to try to learn how to DJ. Great idea. Even if you don’t do gigs, learning to DJ can be a fun way to play your music at home. Instead of simply pressing play on Spotify or Apple Music, learning how to DJ takes time and practice to get better at. In this article I will explain the basics of how to DJ and what you will need to get started.

How to DJ

First, you will need equipment. Here you have a lot of options. DJ gear can get expensive so think carefully before you make a purchase. Do you own a lot of vinyl records? If so, then buying turntables may be a good idea for you. If you own mostly digital music files, it might be a good idea to obtain a digital set up. Start by heading over to the Pioneer website. You can take a look at a wide range of DJ equipment there.

You can purchase what are called “DJ players”. These are machines which are standalone music players. You would need to purchase 2 players and a also mixer to connect them to. This is what most professional DJs use in clubs. Standalone players can cost thousands of dollars and the mixer to connect them to is generally equally as expensive. One less expensive alternative is to buy a “controller” which you connect to a laptop. This is sometimes viewed as a slightly less reliable set up since laptops can malfunction and have other issues. DJ players are considered to be reliable, dedicated, standalone music players.

What music will you play?

Once you have acquired some equipment, you will need to consider what genres of music you will be focusing on playing. You can purchase your music from a wide variety of online music stores, such as iTunes. I would recommend checking out the website Beatport. It’s a great website to discover new electronic music and it’s a favorite among DJs worldwide. Check out Beatport often for new releases and try to stay up to date with your favorite genres. Spend time listening to a lot of different music to find out what you love the best. Download the tracks you love and add them to your DJ collection.

Learning to mix

Learning to mix is not something that is easily written about. The best DJs are able to create a seamless mix between their tracks. Listeners are taken on a journey through a wide range of music, each song blending seamlessly into the next. That’s the ideal situation. However, sometimes certain tracks do not mix very well. The job of a skilled DJ is to find ways to make tracks sound interesting and complementary when mixed together. A good DJ is a great at improvisation. They know how to correct mistakes quickly if something goes wrong. Having a background in music theory can also help you as a DJ. Remember, practice makes perfect. Learning to mix takes time. Put in hours of practice mixing and you will see improvements over time.


Being a DJ is not extremely difficult, you just need to spend some time doing a bit of research to get started. You will need DJ equipment, music, and the ability to mix that music together in an ear pleasing way. Try to find opportunities to DJ for other people. You will learn what people enjoy and what they don’t. Also, it forces you to keep mixing track after track. Playing live is the best way to hone your skills.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog today. Have a great day.

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Building Your Blog: Create Content Daily

In this article, I will write about the process of building your blog. It’s a good idea to add content to your blog every day. I’ll write about why this is important and hopefully I can inspire you to start building your blog today.

Building your blog

So you have decided you want to be a blogger. This is excellent news. I have written in a previous article about why most people should start their own blog. It’s a great thing to do to build your influence in the world. In order to build that influence you have to be consistent. You should post one article to your blog every single day. Many of you may be thinking that this sounds difficult. It seems arduous to come up with a new idea to blog about every day. I personally recommend you to challenge yourself and try to complete one article per day for your blog. I feel it is the best way to start building your blog.

A slow process

When you are building your blog, do not expect success to arrive overnight. A few articles will not create a quality website. You need to have a lot of content to compete with all those other news and information websites out there. Your content needs to provide some kind of value to other people, otherwise people will generally not enjoy your content or find it relevant. Adding quality content to your website daily is a way to ensure that you are constantly working to provide new value to your readers. There are days when you may feel ill and be unable to complete a blog that day. It is fine to miss the odd day here and there. However, I urge you to remain consistent.

Building a daily habit

As humans, we tend to be creatures of habit. We tend to get into daily routines and patterns. If you get into the daily routine of writing one blog post, you will find it hard to get out of that habit. Since I have started writing one blog post a day, I find it strangely difficult to stop doing it. It becomes a kind of addiction. Additionally, I feel that I have not been as productive in a day if I have not written a daily blog post. I feel like the process of writing has a way of clarifying and distilling my thoughts. Get into the habit of writing a new blog post every day. Not only will it be great for building your blog, you will also be improving your writing abilities daily.

Practice makes perfect

When you do something every sing day, you cannot help but get better at it. Writing is the same. If you practice writing every single day, eventually you will become a great writer. I am not a strong believer in “talent”. I personally believe that almost any “talented” person we see, such as a musician or artist, has actually put in thousands of hours of practice to reach that level of talent or skill. It would be very difficult to be an excellent writer without spending many hours practicing the craft of writing. This seems like common sense to me. Practice makes perfect, as the old saying goes. Writing one blog post a day will make certain that you are spending a decent amount of time each day devoted to the writing process. This will help you grow as a writer.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you are going to have a great blog it will not be built in one day either. If a blog is not kept alive with fresh content, it will die like a plant without water. In today’s society, content creators need to be active in producing new content on a frequent basis, or risk being forgotten in a sea of social media content. Keep pushing yourself to create quality blog content daily and eventually you will start to break through previous mental boundaries that held you back before. If you need tips to overcome writer’s blog, check out this post I wrote about the subject.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Have a great day.

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Saving Money: Tips to Help You Save

So you have decided that you need to start saving money. It’s a good idea to save your money rather than spend it. In this article I will write about tips that you can implement to start saving money right away.

Saving money

You have probably heard the old expression, “save it for a rainy day”. The concept of saving money has been around for millennia. It’s pretty obvious why you should have some money saved up. Financial experts recommend having an emergency fund of at least 3-6 months worth of expenses in case something unforeseen happens. You might lose your job, your car could break down, or an unexpected medical emergency may arise. It’s always a good idea to have some savings in your bank account to protect you in case of difficult times.

How to start saving money

In order to save money, it first helps to pay off any outstanding debts that you might have. The first type of debt that you should try to eliminate as soon as possible is credit card debt. Credit card companies charge around 20% annual interest on any outstanding amounts that you do not pay off of your credit card balance. That is a very high interest rate considering that the interest rate on many mortgages is 2-3% and the interest on student loan debt in Canada is approximately 6%. In order to save money you should try to pay off any high interest debt that you might have first.

Be mindful of spending

Many times we buy items that we do not really need in hopes that these items will either help us to succeed or make us happy. After the thrill of purchasing a new item is gone, these items generally sit somewhere in our houses and collect dust. Being a musician I have been somewhat guilty of this trap myself. Over the years I have acquired certain pieces of musical equipment that I currently use rarely, if ever. When you purchase an item, try to think, will I be able to use this item in 5-10 years or longer? Try to avoid buying things that will have very limited usage in your life, for example a video game that you might play twice.

Become a home chef

I love eating out a restaurants. It’s one of my favorite things to do. However, if you are looking to save some serious money, try limiting the amount of times you eat out. It’s incredible how much money can be saved by cooking all of your own meals at home. Yes, it can be time consuming. If you’re a busy billionaire, it might not even make economic sense to cook all your own food at home. For those of us who actually have to worry about cash, cooking at home can save a lot of money.

Restaurant food will almost always be more expensive than food you cook at home because those workers need to be paid and those businesses have other expenses as well. Treat eating out as a luxury that you engage in only a few times a month and you’ll start saving big. Do not use food delivery services all the time either. Think how much money you are paying in delivery fees each time.

Do not drive a car

If you do not need a car, do not own one. Even a multi-millionaire like Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank, says that he hates cars and argues that you shouldn’t own one. Think about all the expenses involved with owning a car. The initial car purchase, insurance, gas, maintenance, repairs, and more. Cars are designed to make car companies money, not you. Unless you use the car for business and absolutely need it, I would recommend not owning one. As soon as you buy a new car, it loses value the moment you drive it off the lot. That doesn’t seem like a great investment to me.

Learn for free online

Do not always think you have to pay a school, company, or business to learn something. A lot of people think they need to spend money to go back to school to upgrade their education in hopes of better career opportunities. I would never suggest that someone skip going to school if they are passionate about it. Just remember, higher education can be very expensive these days and sometimes the value of it is questionable.

With so much information available on the internet these days, be careful of what you spend your hard earned money on in terms of education. A library is always a free source information on many topics. The internet is a also an immensely vast resource of info. Much can be learned on your own so think carefully before you invest precious time and money in education. Remember, someone else is making money off of you in the process. Don’t make yourself poor so a professor or institution can profit.


There are many ways to start saving money. This article has only covered some of them. Essentially, you need to be very mindful of your spending. Think about where each dollar is going. Remember that there is a whole wide world of businesses trying to get you to part with your money. Corporations and companies need revenues and they want you to spend. There’s nothing wrong with buying things you like. Just remember, don’t spend so much that you go broke while corporate profits soar. Save some money for a rainy day instead.

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Starting A Blog: How To Begin The Process

In this article I will write all about the basics of starting a blog. There are many reasons why you might be thinking about starting a blog. In this post I will go over some of the advantages of starting a blog and explain how easy it is to get started.

Starting a blog

There are many reasons to start a blog. One reason is that blogging can be a fun hobby. Picking up a new craft can be a fun activity to engage in so why not try your hand at blogging? It is almost always fun to explore a new creative outlet once in a while. The simple joy of writing is a great reason to be starting a blog.

Making an income

Also, it is possible to make an income from starting a blog. Once you learn the skills involved in writing and producing written content, it’s possible to have advertising on your website. You can use programs like Google Adsense to allow advertisements to be placed on your blog. You can also engage in what is known as Amazon affiliate marketing. This is where you review a product and then leave an Amazon affiliate link to that product on If a reader from your website clicks on the link you provide and purchases the item, you earn a small percentage of the revenue from the sale of that product.

Creating a portfolio

Another good reason for starting a blog is that it creates a writing portfolio under your name. If you search online nowadays for jobs you will often notice that companies like to see examples of your work before interviewing or hiring you. If you are looking to work as a newspaper writer, social media operator, or marketer within a company, it would be a good idea think about starting a blog. This way you will have a portfolio of your work created and ready to showcase to any company that might wish to view it.

How to Start a Blog

There are many ways you can begin starting a blog. You can start by using free blogging platforms such as Google’s Blogger or WordPress. The website you are on now is made using WordPress and it is the platform that I would recommend. With the free versions of Blogger or WordPress you will not have your own custom domain name for your blog. You blog will look something like this if you use a free version. In order to have your own custom website domain like mine here at you will need to pay a web hosting company to “host” your domain for you. You can work with companies such as Godaddy or Bluehost in order to obtain a domain to host your WordPress blog on.


Starting a blog is a fun, rewarding, and enriching activity to engage in. You get to express your ideas, connect with people, and potentially earn an income. You can broadcast your thoughts to the world, all while building a portfolio of writing that may help you find a job in the future. Starting a blog is an activity with a lot of positive upside potential and not many drawbacks so I consider it a good activity for almost anyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article all about starting a blog. I hope it has been educational and informative to you.

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Accomplish Important Tasks in the Morning

In this blog post I will write about the benefits of accomplishing your most important tasks first thing in the morning. This approach has been very beneficial to me, especially during college. If you follow this approach you will be more productive and able to produce higher quality work with less effort.

I believe you will always do your best work first thing in the morning soon after waking up. The reason for this is that your mind and body has received rest during the night. Your mind is fresh and ready to accomplish the most important tasks of the day. Do not waste these precious morning hours. As the day goes by your tasks will become more difficult to accomplish.

As we move through the day we get more physically and mentally tired. Distractions tend to increase as well. Phones are ringing, emails are coming in, and social media becomes more active during the day. If we waste our morning hours watching TV or scrolling social media apps, we miss out on our most productive hours of the day.

A lot of people think the approach of staying up late at night to accomplish tasks and assignments is a good method. They believe that by drinking caffeine and staying up late they can squeeze extra productivity out of their day. What they don’t realize is that the mind is so tired at this point that it is not operating at the same capacity as it would be if you were well rested. As a student, I used to stay up until all hours of the night trying to complete assignments. I’m so glad I realized how important doing essential tasks in the morning is. The pattern of staying up late doing assignments was both unproductive and unhealthy.


We need to stop thinking that staying up late and working on tasks is an efficient use of time. You won’t be as productive when your mind is sluggish. Why fight to stay awake when you could get rest and start fresh in the morning? If you stay up late working on projects you will be tired and groggy the next day. It is simply not worth it. Always make sure to get plenty of rest at night. Accomplish your most important tasks first thing in the morning. It’s the best and most productive way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Have a great day.

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