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Starting A Personal Website

A lot of people ask the question. Should I be starting a personal website? There are many reasons why I think most people should have a personal website. If you work in a field such as art or music then you should be starting a personal website.

There is a tendency nowadays for individuals to skip having a personal website. Some opt to use only social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linked In. I personally feel that there is great value in having a personal website as well.

With a personal website, there are no advertisements, unless you put them there. You can design your website however you want, you don’t have to use the format that the social media sites provide for you. The freedom of having a personal website is almost unlimited compared to working within the confines of a social media platform.

Having your own website provides you with the flexibility to write in a freer way than you might if you were simply conveying your thoughts on social media. People might not take me seriously if I am criticizing Facebook while using the platform so I might restrict what I say about it.

Remember, social media platforms do not produce content themselves, they make money by running ads alongside the content that you create. At least with a personal website, the content that you create can be monetized by you, instead of by the social media platform that you are operating on.

Social media is good for networking and spreading your message, but they profit off of your content. As an individual, you should try to find a way to make some kind of income from your own content instead of simply giving all of it away on social media. Give out some excerpts from your new book, for example, but do not give away the whole book for free.

Another reason for publishing to your own website instead of using social media is that your content becomes easier for people to find. When you publish content onto the open internet via a blog, it is more easily searchable by individuals around the world, as opposed to Facebook, where your content is hidden behind a “walled garden”.

I personally started this website to allow myself a creative space to write content away from the main social media platforms that do not actually offer you compensation for your work.

My plan is to write on this blog daily with the goal of eventually converting these thoughts and ideas into a book of some kind. I hope you will join me for this journey.

Thank you for taking the time to read my perspective today. I hope I was able to answer the question of “should I start a personal website?”.

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